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Published dissertations by researchers using NESDA data:

87. Hovenkamp-Hermelink A. The long-term course of anxiety disorders: An epidemiological perspective Groningen University. Thesis December 21, 2020. Nederlandse samenvatting

86. Dinga R. Evaluation of machine learning models in psychiatry  VU University Amsterdam. Thesis September 18, 2020.
Nederlandse samenvatting

85. Thesing C.S. Fatty acids in depressive and anxiety disorders. Fishing for answers.
VU University Amsterdam. Thesis May 13, 2020. Nederlandse samenvatting.

84. Geugies A.J. Learning from reward and prediction. Insights in mechanisms related to recurrence vulnerability and non-response in depression.  Groningen University. Thesis March 9, 2020. Nederlandse samenvatting.

83. Winthorst, W.H. Light upon seasonality. Seasonality of symptoms in the general population and in patients with depressive and anxiety disorders. Groningen University. Thesis February 26, 2020. Nederlandse samenvatting.

82. Bekhuis, E. A body-mind map. Epidemiological and clinical aspects of the relation between somatic, depressive and anxiety symptomatology. Groningen University. Thesis February 12, 2020. Nederlandse samenvatting.

81. Havinga, P.J. Breaking the cycle? Intergenerational transmission of depression and anxiety and opportunities for intervention. Groningen University. Thesis February 10, 2020. Nederlandse samenvatting.


80. Gardiner, S.L. Huntington disease and other polyglutamine diseases: using CAG repeat variations to explain missing heritability. Leiden University. Thesis October 10, 2019. Nederlandse samenvatting.

79. Elgersma, H.J. Cognitive risk factors for the recurrence of depression. Self associations, cognitive reactivity and attentional bias. Groningen University. Thesis June 13, 2019. Nederlandse samenvatting.

78. Dijkstra-Kersten, S. Onset and recurrence of depressive disorders. Contributing factors and prevention. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis January 25, 2019. Nederlandse samenvatting.

77. Gibson-Smith D.J. The weight of depression. Epidemiological studies into obesity, dietary intake and mental health. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis February 12, 2019. Nederlandse samenvatting. 

76. Hu M.X. Cardiac autonomic activity in depression and anxiety. Heartfelt affilctions of the mind. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis March 11, 2019. Nederlandse samenvatting.

75. Knapen S.E. Rhythm & Blues. Chronobiology in the pathophysiology and treatment of mood disorders. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Thesis April 17, 2019. Nederlandse samenvatting.

74. Paans N.P.G. When you carry the weight of the world not only on your shoulders. Factors associating depression and obesity. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis February 11, 2019. Nederlandse samenvatting. 

73. Struijs S.Y. Psychological vulnerability in depressive and anxiety disorders. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis April 2, 2019.

72. Blok- van Velzen L. The stressed and depressed brain. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis January 11, 2019. Nederlandse samenvatting.


71. Becking, K. Inflammatory matters. Exploring the underlying pathophysiology of unipolar and bipolar disorder. Groningen University. Thesis June 6, 2018. Nederlandse samenvatting.

70. Gaspersz R. Heterogeneity in Major Depressive Disorders. The role of anxious distress. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis October 2, 2018. Nederlandse samenvatting.

69. Schaakxs R. Major depressive disorder across the life span: the role of chronological and biological age. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis February 22, 2018. Nederlandse samenvatting.

68. van Borkulo, C.D. Symptom network models in depression research. From methodological exploration to clinical application. Groningen University. Thesis January 18, 2018. Nederlandse samenvatting.

67. Wynchank, D.  The rythm of adult ADHD: on the relationship between ADHD, sleep and aging. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis December 4, 2018. Nederlandse samenvatting. 


66. Black, C.N. Oxidative stress in depression and anxiety disorders. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis September 12, 2017. Nederlandse samenvatting.

65. Bron, T.I. Lifestyle in adult ADHD: From a Picasso point of view. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis November 6th, 2017. Nederlandse samenvatting.

64. Verduijn, J. Staging of major depressive disorder. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis June 6, 2017. Nederlandse samenvatting.

63. Peyrot, W.J. The complex link between genetic effects and environment in depression. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis January 20, 2017. Nederlandse samenvatting.

62. Scholten, W. Waxing and waning of anxiety disorders: relapse and relapse prevention. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis September 29, 2017. Nederlandse samenvatting.

61. van der Werff, S.J.A. The stressed brain. Discovering the neural pathways to risk and resilience. Leiden University. Thesis January 10, 2017. Nederlandse samenvatting.

60. van Tuijl, L.A. Self-esteem in depression and anxiety: low, unstable, and discrepant? Groningen University. Thesis May 18, 2017. Nederlandse samenvatting.

59. Verbeek, E.C. Fine-mapping candidate genes for major depressive disorder. Connecting the dots. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis January 12, 2017. Nederlandse samenvatting.

58. Wanders, R.B.K. Symptoms and depression: it’s time to break up. Groningen University. Thesis February 27, 2017. Nederlandse samenvatting.


57. Bet, P.M. Pharmacoepidemiology of depression and anxiety. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis September 15, 2016. Nederlandse samenvatting.

56. den Boeft, M. Medically unexplained physical symptoms in primary care: Identification, management and societal aspects. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis September 8, 2016. Nederlandse samenvatting.verhoeven_voorkant

55. Generaal, E. Chronic pain: the role of biological and psychosocial factors. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence March 14, 2016. Nederlandse samenvatting.

54. Hendriks, S.M. Anxiety disorders. Symptom dimensions, course and disability. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence January 14, 2016. Nederlandse samenvatting.

53. Klein-Hofmeijer-Sevink, M. Complex anxiety disorders. Risk factors, underlying mechanisms and treatment enhancement. Utrecht University. Thesis February 5, 2016. Nederlandse samenvatting.

52. Révész, D. The interplay between biological stress and cellular aging. An epidemiological perspective. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis May 27, 2016. Nederlandse samenvatting.

51. Staufenbiel, S.M. Long-term cortisol exposure in stress-related diseases. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Thesis December 6, 2016. Nederlandse samenvatting.

50. Verhoeven, J.E. Depression, anxiety and cellular aging: does feeling blue make you grey? VU University Amsterdam. Thesis June 3, 2016. Nederlandse samenvatting.



49. Ai, H. Functional neuroimaging of state, course, and symptom specificity in affective psychopathology. Groningen University. Thesis December 21, 2015. Nederlandse samenvatting.

48. Groenewold, N.A. Vulnerability and emotional processing in depression. Neural and clinical perspectives. Groningen University. Thesis november 11, 2015. Nederlandse samenvatting.

47. Hardeveld, F. Recurrence of major depressive disorder. Towards a model of risk. Radboud University Nijmegen. Thesis September 25 2015. Nederlandse samenvatting.

46. Hovens, J.G.F.M. Emotional Scars: impact of childhood trauma on depressive and anxiety disorders. Leiden University. Thesis October 29, 2015. Nederlandse samenvatting.

45. Luppino, F.S. Metabolic disturbances in depression. Epidemiological studies on the role of diagnostic approach and treatment setting.  Leiden University. Thesis September 3, 2015. Nederlandse samenvatting.

44. Nigatu, Y.T. Obesity and depression. An intertwined public health challenge. Groningen University. Thesis November 25, 2015. Nederlandse samenvatting.

43. Pannekoek, J.N. Using novel imaging approaches in affective disorders: beyond current models. Leiden University. Thesis March 5, 2015. Nederlandse samenvatting.

42. Veer, I.M. The stress connection. Neuroimaging studies of emotion circuits in social stress, personality and stress-related psychopathology. Leiden University. Thesis 27 January 27, 2015. Nederlandse samenvatting.


Boekje_Bus41. Abdellaoui, A. Behavior<->Genetics. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis October 1, 2014. Nederlandse samenvatting.

40. Bus, B.A.A. Reassessing the Neurotrophic hypothesis of depression. Radboud University Nijmegen. Thesis September 22, 2014. Nederlandse samenvatting.

39. Drost, J. Worry and rumination. Underlying processes and transdiagnostic characteristics. Leiden University. Thesis June 10, 2014. Nederlandse samenvatting.

38. Gerrits, M. The interplay between depression, anxiety and physical health. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis January 27, 2014. Nederlandse samenvatting.

37. Jamal, M. Smoking and the course of anxiety and depression. Leiden University. Thesis May 22, 2014. Nederlandse samenvatting.

36. Molendijk, M.L. The Role of BDNF in Depression. Leiden University. Thesis June 3, 2014. Nederlandse samenvatting.


Boekje_Muntingh35. van Harmelen, A.L. Childhood emotional maltreatment: impact on cognition and the brain. Leiden University. Thesis December 10, 2013. Nederlandse samenvatting.

34. van Mill, J.G. Sleep, depression and anxiety: an epidemiological perspective. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis November 19, 2013. Nederlandse samenvatting.

33. Muntingh, A. Transforming primary care for anxiety disorders. The collaborative stepped care model. Tilburg University. Thesis January 11, 2013. Nederlandse samenvatting.

32. Opmeer, E.M. Linking depression. Longitudinal and neuroimaging studies in major depressive disorder. Groningen University. Thesis April 8, 2013. Nederlandse samenvatting.

Boekje_Stringer31. Piek, E. Depression in general practice. Undercognition? Overtreatment? Adequate Care! Groningen University. Thesis February 4, 2013. Nederlandse samenvatting.

30. Sjoerds, Z. Alcohol dependence across the brain. From vulnerability to compulsive drinking. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis October 15, 2013. Nederlandse samenvatting.

29. Stringer, B. Collaborative care for patients with severe personality disorders. Challenges for the nursing profession. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis October 9, 2013. Nederlandse samenvatting.

28. Woudstra, S. Framing depression in a SN[a]Pshot: Imaging risk factors of MDD. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis December 10, 2013. Nederlandse samenvatting.


Boekje_Karsten27. Boschloo, L. The co-occurrence of depression and anxiety with alcohol use disorders. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis July 6,  2012. Nederlandse samenvatting.

26. Duivis, H.E. Depression and inflammation: a life perspective. Tilburg University. Thesis November 19, 2012. Nederlandse samenvatting.

25. Glashouwer, K.A. Dysfunctional automatic associations in anxiety and depression. Groningen University. Thesis June 21, 2012. Nederlandse samenvatting.

24. Karsten, J. On the threshold of disorder: definition and course of subthreshold depression and subthreshold anxiety. Groningen University. Thesis November 14, 2012. Nederlandse samenvatting.

23. Manthey, L. Determinants and consequences of long-term benzodiazepine use. Leiden University. Thesis December 6, 2012. Nederlandse samenvatting.

Boekje_Reedt_metabolic22. van Reedt-Dortland, A. Metabolic risk factors in depressive and anxiety disorders. Leiden University. Thesis November 6, 2012. Nederlandse samenvatting.

21. Rhebergen, D. Insight into the heterogeneity of depressive disorders. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis October 1, 2012. Nederlandse samenvatting.

20. Verboom, C.E. Depression and role functioning. Groningen University. Thesis December 12, 2012. Nederlandse samenvatting.

19. Vlasveld, M. Sickness absence and return to work in workers with major depressive disorder. The Netherlands Depression Initiative in the occupational healthcare setting. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence September 12, 2012. Nederlandse samenvatting.

18. Wardenaar, K.J. Syndromes versus symptoms. Towards validation of a dimensional approach of depressionand anxiety. Leiden University. Thesis defence October 4, 2012. Nederlandse samenvatting. 


Boekje_Antypa17. Antypa, N. Cognitive vulnerability to depression. Genetic and environmental influences. Leiden University. Thesis defence June 21, 2011. Nederlandse samenvatting.

16. de Klerk, O. The guarded brain. The role of P-glycoprotein at the blood-brain barrier in major psychiatric disorders and antidepressant treatment. Groningen University. Thesis defence December 21, 2011. Nederlandse samenvatting.

15. Klok, L. Mineralocorticoid Receptor in human brain: a key player in resilience. Leiden University. Thesis defence December 15,  2011.

14. Seekles, W. Stepped care for depression and anxiety. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence December 13, 2011. Nederlandse samenvatting.

13. Seldenrijk, A. Depression, anxiety and subclinical cardiovascular disease. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence November 30, 2011. Nederlandse samenvatting.

12. van Tol, M.J. Mood related insights. Functional and structural MRI studies in depression and anxiety disorders. Leiden University. Thesis defence May 26, 2011. Nederlandse samenvatting.

11. Wiersma, J. Psychological characteristics and treatment of chronic depression. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence June 17, 2011. Nederlandse samenvatting.


Boekje_Licht10. Demenescu LR. On the neural basis of emotion processing in depression and anxiety. An fMRI study in outpatients. Groningen University. Thesis defence November 22, 2010.

9. Donker T. Low-Intensity Screening and Treatment for Common Mental Disorders. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence November 29, 2010. Nederlandse samenvatting.

8. Licht CMM. Autonomic nervous system functioning in major depression and anxiety disorders. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence October 15, 2010. Nederlandse samenvatting.

7. Ligthart L. The genetics and comorbidity of migraine. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence October 26, 2010. Nederlandse samenvatting.

6. Vreeburg SA. Hypothalamic-pictuitary-adrenal-axis activity in depressive and anxiety disorders. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence October 22, 2010. Nederlandse samenvatting.

5. de Wit LM. Obesity, activity and depression and anxiety disorders. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence December 8, 2010. Nederlandse samenvatting.


Boekje_Plaisier4. Plaisier I. Mental health and work. The roles of gender, work and social characteristics. VU University Amsterdam.  Thesis defence November 26, 2009. Nederlandse samenvatting.

3. Prins M. Care for persons with depression and anxiety. Utrecht University. Thesis defence June 11, 2009.  Nederlandse samenvatting.

2. Smolders M. Assessing and improving the management of depressive and anxiety disorders in primary care. Radboud University Nijmegen. Thesis defence June 8, 2009. Nederlandse samenvatting.

1. Vogelzangs N. Depression and the Metabolic Syndrome. VU University Amsterdam. Thesis defence April 23, 2009. Nederlandse samenvatting. 

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